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The power of information is just at the tip of our fingers. With one tap or click and poof, we access the knowledge we need. If we want to know about someone, we can simply head on to their social media pages and get sufficient knowledge about them.

The ease of access looks convenient at the outset, but could we possibly compromise accuracy in the process?

Whether you’re a staffing agency supplying manpower to reputable companies or a prestigious establishment seeking to grow your team, you would want to ensure that you’re getting the right people for the job. These are the staff members who not only deliver the required productivity but are also trustworthy in their work history – because they are verifiable, licensed, and well-screened individuals.

You don’t look for the perfect candidate. Instead, you look for someone who doesn’t put your company at risk for fraud, criminal acts, or questionable activities.


If you could choose between the convenience of an integrated background screening versus the accuracy of the background information, which one would you go for?

Relying solely on applicant tracking systems to provide the best background screening options to screen your applicants may help you get the required number of staff in a shorter time period. This may even be cost-efficient for your business because you are already integrating your tools into the automated systems.

However, the cost could grow even higher when you lose a customer’s trust because of records such as fraud, crime, or negligence committed being missed on a background. 

In 2019 alone, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau penalized a background-screening company for failing to provide accurate information to their consumers. The final judgment required them to pay $6 million to their affected clients and another $2.5 million as a penalty.

Many choose to go with an integrated vendor purely because of the integration it offers. However, most of the time, accuracy is compromised. You would not want this kind of future for your business. You would want to partner with a background-screening expert who puts accuracy first on the line.


What sets PBS apart from the competition? PBS still utilizes the power of technology to collect information and segregate data, but the final touch is always by a real person.

Here are some of the PBS highlights that funnel towards accurate reporting:

Smooth application process.

Applicants can quickly submit their applications electronically.

Consistent Criminal Monitoring

We get automatically updated on any criminal activity for the new hires which is being completed every year.

Constant Updates

You receive hourly updates on the status of your report so you can set a safe estimate of completion time.

Core Values

We put high importance on caring and commitment, integrity and loyalty, and honesty and truth in our business relationships.

The Priority Touch

Before a report gets into your hands, these are already verified by a real and actual person. After data is collected electronically, the human expert ensures that the data presented are all accurate and fully compliant with the regulating authorities.

It all boils down to this. The people you hire today will either make or break your business’ future. If you can ensure that the people you get would protect your future, then it is an investment well-made indeed. You will need to partner with an agency that also protects your safety, integrity, and future.

Going with an integrated vendor is not always the best choice, especially when it comes to accuracy.

Shift to the accuracy standard of PBS today. For inquiries about our services, contact us!

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