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Industry-Specific Background Screening Solutions

At PRIORITY BACKGROUND Solutions, we understand that different industries have different background screening needs.

We offer industry-specific solutions tailored to various sectors’ unique requirements. Our solutions are designed to help you make informed hiring decisions and maintain a safe and secure workplace.

With our industry-specific screening services, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most comprehensive and relevant information for your industry.

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Hire with confidence

Business Sector-Employment

A thorough background screening and drug testing program will help employers attract and retain the quality personnel they need to grow their business. PRIORITY BACKGROUND Solutions, Inc., continues to develop and enhance our methodology to prevent any deceptive candidate from escaping a possible criminal past. Validate and secure relationships between employees and companies through the use of our comprehensive screening solutions.

PRIORITY screening services will help you:

  • Increase the profitability of your company by reducing the chance of internal issues.
  • Enhance the safety of your workplace by promoting a crime-free environment.
  • Decrease employee turnover.
  • Create a safer and more secure workplace environment.

Adds value to your company by:

  • Decreasing employee turnover and lowering the risk of reputational damage associated with employee wrongdoings.
  • Hiring the most qualified applicants to work for your company.
  • Save time and money by better-allocating company resources for a faster hiring process.
Accurate, faster decisions. It’s that simple


Accurate information is the most important component to any background screen. Time-to-hire needs to be fast, yet accurate. As a member of the American Staffing Association, we understand the challenges our staffing partners face when it comes to accuracy in a timely manner. Time-to-hire needs to be fast, yet accurate.

Our screening programs enable staffing companies to provide their clients with the highest qualified applicants for the position quickly. This due diligent, excellent screening process allows reviews of past behavior which will better predict future behavior. This gives staffing companies the power to make faster and more confident decisions.

Maintain a safe learning and working environment


PRIORITY BACKGROUND Solutions, Inc. will aid in maintaining a safe learning and working environment for students, teachers, and staff providing comprehensive background checks during the screening process.

Our products and services help our educational institution partners maintain and manage timely and accurate hiring of new employees by identifying and eliminating the applicants who are “at risk”. Our screening solutions minimize frustration, mitigate risk, and allow for a smooth transition from potential job candidate to productive employee.

Know who’s getting the keys

Property Management-Tenant

In today’s transient society, simply running a credit report on a potential tenant is not enough research. It is imperative to incorporate a criminal background check into you applicant screening process which will help keep your community safe and your mind at peace.

Conducting a criminal and rental history background check is a smart move before renting to an applicant. Credit history will help you assess an applicant’s ability to pay but it will not tell you if the applicant is a criminal or has poor rental history. Our screening programs allow clients to maintain and manage timely and accurate tenant information before a lease is signed to help identify “at risk” tenants.

Whether you are a large property management group or a smaller firm managing only a few properties, occupying your units while keeping cost down and cash flow continuous are key.

Keeping drivers and fleets safe


Highly regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA), pre-employment screening in the transportation industry can be cumbersome. Here at PRIORITY, we understand the unique challenges and compliance risk companies face with highly regulated screening, which is costly and time consuming.

Our screening programs will help clients decrease the cost during the pre-employment screening process by implement a secure, compliant, process that increases efficiency throughout.

Strengthen patient safety and protect privacy


Our reports and services aid the healthcare industry in keeping hospitals and other medical facilities safe and secure from employee wrongdoings. Packages can be created to meet your exact hiring criteria. We provide our clients with healthcare industry-specific reports such as FACIS, OIG Sanction, GSA Excluded Parties, National Practitioner Data Bank, Electronic I-9.

Healthcare Specific Searches:

Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems (FACIS) A FACIS search identifies any wrongdoings of individuals and entitles in the healthcare industry.

The FACIS searches contain information ranging from disciplinary actions such as exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation, depending on the level searched.

There are 3 FACIS Level searches:

FACIS Level 1 – A FACIS Level 1 search is conducted through the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), General Services Administration (GSA), and other federal sources. The information reported in FACIS Level 1 search meets the government’s minimum requirements for sanction screening as set forth in the OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance.

FACIS Level 2 – A FACIS Level 2 search combines a FACIS Level 1 search of the OIG/GSA and other federal agencies and an individual state of choice.

FACIS Level 3 – A FACIS Level 3 search is the most comprehensive and includes information from OIG/GSA and other federal agencies in addition to over 800 sources from all 50 states.

Maintain the safety of the population you serve


With headlines of abuse becoming more common all the time, it is more important than ever to know who is volunteering and working in your group. Maintaining a safe environment for your organization, as well as, meeting increasingly tougher requirements by insurance companies makes screening a necessity for today’s modern non-profits. Conducting proper volunteer background checks can accomplish this.

Non-profit organizations often have to juggle small budgets and limited administrative staff with a large volunteer base, which can complicate the development of a successful background screening program. At PRIORITY, we help your organization leverage the power of our national reach to help make the background screening process more accessible than ever before.

Create a safe, enjoyable environment


Create a safe, enjoyable workplace environment PRIORITY helps the hospitality industry by aiding our clients in the ability to create a safe and enjoyable environment for employees and guests.

Eliminate internal wrongdoings before they happen and keep a positive brand reputation for your company. Increase internal security measures and decrease liabilities with our background screening solutions.

Have control of your loss prevention department


Here at PRIORITY, we understand and assist retail companies manage risk associated with loss prevention. By utilizing our screening programs, you can improve the efficiency of your hiring process, analyzing quality data, to make informed hiring decisions.

Most retail companies have higher-than-average turnover. Our customizable screening programs allow for you to determine the hiring factors. This function allows for you to quickly identify ineligible candidates, consistently identifying qualified candidates, enabling companies to manage a pool of qualified applicants.

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